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Publishers use the Cloud

Publishers integrate! Publishers can Sign up on Bonzoi and find Authors to publish for.

All Publishers get UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE on Bonzoi. Publishers enjoy the Exclusive copyrights at the Author's discretion and encyrypted storage all for free!

From thousands of miles away, Real-time author collaboration streamlined the publishing process.

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In case of disasters, an Author’s manuscripts are the most valuable possessions and available right from the My Bonzoi area.

Making Writing Fun and Easy

“Bonzoi, Where Writing Is Fun”

Bonzoi respects the creative effort of every author and writer; for whom writing is a self-passion. Bonzoi is a growing community of Authors, Readers, Photo-journalists, Illustrators, and Publishers.

We are hunting as well as welcoming the creative minded people for book publishing, book collaboration & book writing platform at our community and also, joining us is completely free!

How do we help you in publishing a book?Is writing your childhood passion? Is your written story still not read by the world? Are you looking for a reliable book writing platform to showcase your creative writing talent?

We at Bonzoi serve as an open book publishing platform for struggling authors, writers and publishers; who wish to showcase and collaborate in their writing effort with similar minded people.

Enter a community for real time collaboration and earn 100% Author Royalty for your all your thoughts and ideas.

At Bonzoi, all kinds of authors collaborate together for the common purpose of experiencing the BragBooks Author.

Bonzoi helps Authors and Publishers to write and author with multiple-authors on a single platform that reduces the risk of every author and saves a lot of time.

Bonzoi also helps you self create and customize a book in an digitally interactive environment that is accessible to readers all across the world via mobile, laptop, PC, tablets, etc.

Your story reaches to millions of interested readers in an eBook format with the help of a book writing platform.

We welcome all kinds of literary work including fiction, comic books, story writing, biography, poetry writing and much more on our multi-author collaboration platform.

By Authoring a book on Bonzoi, you ultimately earn the right of a BragBooks Author. Bonzoi even offers a Private Dashboard to each registered Author, where you can keep a track of recent Author activities and newly published BragBooks and news alike. In your library, you can easily access your published and un-published literary work online. Choose a Publisher, and work the rest with the Publisher.

Simply, Go Bonzoi and Collaborate with thousands of Authors for publishing your book in both digital and print format. When you and your publisher are ready to go to print, Simply Print your book, and chooose how many copies. Enjoy Bonzoi starting today!


Multi-Author Collaboration in the Cloud.