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Bonzoi offers 100% Copyrights & Author Royalties with UNLIMITED Encrypted Cloud Storage. It's Every Authors Dream. Never Carry or Worry about your manuscripts again! Help Reduce Carbon Footprint all throughout the world by using Bonzoi and DigiGLUto make money. Bonzoi is a multi-author collaboration platform promoting world literacy by streamlining writing. Join the growing community of Authors, Readers, and Publishers already using DigiGLU marketplace to buy and sell artwork.

Go green with DigiGLU and Bonzoi. It's time to Write Together! With DigiGLU marketplace here on Bonzoi, Authors can have a safe and user friendly network in which the they can visually buy, sell, and explore into the world of literary and digital graphic arts in an entirely new environment.

Whether you are an author on the go, or want to publish a book right from the corner cafe, you can Sign Up for Bonzoi to see the live BLINKROOMTM where you can meet and greet Illustrators uploading new content into the DigiGLUTMmarketplace!

DigiGLU provides the means through which a user can express and experiment with writing while utilizing the creative design tools in DigiGLUTM marketplace to showcase photographic and illustrative talent, writing talent, as well as photographic and digitally enhanced images.

Capture the spirit of becoming an Author through the DigiGLUTM marketplace and share it with the entire world community by publishing it digitally on Bonzoi for freeTM, or get it printed on the German Heidelberg Presses through our friendly to use printing, animating, and advertising marketplace known as digiGLUTM. Sign Up on BonzoiTM today!


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